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SKINS Natural Condoms Never Go In Without a Skin
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  • lovemorefun
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  • 16/3/2018
  • 13/4/2018
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Nice and Natural, simplest condoms. No fuss. Just simple, clear condoms that feel great.
Skins Natural are fuss-free, most simple condom with all the protection you need. Your go-to condom for a natural feel.
No latex smell
Clear, thin condoms
Natural feel
Extra lubricated
Contains natural latex
100% latex, silicone-based lubricant

“Condoms are uncomfortable and look awful. What makes Skins different?”
Compared to other leading condoms on the market, our “Natural” are the same thickness as most “Ultra Thin”…meaning our own “Ultra Thin” are even thinner than that! After extensive research and perfecting, Skins condoms are made from premium quality latex so they are ultra clear and natural-looking, making wearing one less of a hindrance and more of an enjoyment! They are also extra-lubricated for increased comfort and durability and also come in Extra Large for those more well-endowed.
“I hate the smell and find it really off-putting. Do Skins have that awful latex smell that other condoms do?”
No! We asked you what you would like from a condom and we listened! We have banished the standard latex smell that many people cite as a reason they don’t like them and infused our condoms with a light vanilla scent that’s pleasing to the senses.
Are thinner condoms more likely to break?
No. Skins Ultra Thin condoms aren’t any less durable than our Natural condoms. They offer the same protection against pregnancy and transmission of STI’s as other condoms and undergo the same strict testing procedures to ensure this.
What quality tests to Skins condoms go through?
Skins condoms are CE marked to the standard ISO4074: 2002 which are the requirements to meet European Legislation agreed upon by all member countries.
The test demanded by ISO 4074: 2002 are:
Specifications relating to the size of the condoms
Volume and bursting pressure
Strength and durability
Correct labelling and packaging

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Our items are made out of 100% natural ingredients and are not viagra, cialis, levitra, revatio, sildemax or kamagra. They do not contain the active ingredient sildenafil which is a medicinal and can only be sold by a licensed pharmacy by prescription from a doctor.

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