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Individual Guitar Lessons Tailor-Made
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  • 7/3/2018
  • 4/4/2018
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Location: Msida close to University (Monday to Friday afternoons)

Ages 10 upwards (unless talent is shown at a younger age than this)

Electric Guitar, Electric Bass or Acoustic/Folk Guitar aimed for people wanting to join Rock Bands. No previous experience required. You can start with any guitar you want and buy a good guitar later (will help you with that)

No groups of 3 or more thereby only getting 10 minutes of a lesson. If you want to learn guitar and understand music anyway (up to Grade 8 theory & practice) in a tailor-made way then this is for you

45 mins INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION (with continuous assessment and feedback provided). You get better by practising at home the exercises and songs we do during the lesson and not by having long lessons

You will be playing songs in just 3 months or less. You will be able to join a band in under 2 years and perform Live. The only exam you will ever have is the audition for the band you want to join

I’m a University Qualified Teacher, I won’t be teaching you what’s written on a book that you can do at home. I will be understnding how you think, and helping you with your weaknesses by developing exercises specifically for you and giving you direction. You will be taught to UNDERSTAND music anyway without learning the traditional way, and I will help you discover your talent and help it emerge

You will learn about different bands and styles of the last 60 years, and also your favourite bands’ songs. You can also choose to learn how to write your own songs and learn Improvisation techniques, riff & rhythm phrase writing. Lessons will be formulated in order for you to be creative when you are ready for it

You will also learn about different Guitars and Amps if you wish to. You can come just to enjoy learning songs, or to learn to write songs and play Live. You can record your own songs here as I have a home studio

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