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€ 600
Wooden sea kayak for sale
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  • 8/2/2018
  • 8/3/2018
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Unique on the island.

The Shrike is a stitch and glue built kayak, designed by Christopher Crowhurst in USA. I have no words for this man and his father and about how much they gave to the kayaking community in terms of design, knowledge and enthusiasm. And all this in a very humane and inspiring way, asking for nothing in return. I can only hope one day I will return the favor in a similar way. In fact I already started.
I have chosen this one simply because it was the only complete project, offering templates, building manual and advice for free, in a period when my finances were really down. Not that they are different today. Why a stitch and glue project, and what does this method mean? I have chosen it because I have built skin on frame kayaks before and I wanted a variation and to learn new methods and skills. I have chosen this project because it was for free, and popped up on Google. I have chosen it because it has beautiful lines and I instantly recognized the great versatility of the design.
What does stitch and glue mean? This method of building boats is as ancient as the plywood. It means one can cut plywood panels, stitch them in form of a boat with copper wire, cable ties or any other suitable material, then glue them permanently together. In order to make the whole thing stronger, the boat can be laminated in epoxy resin, or reinforced with fiberglass and epoxy resin. As such, when the resin is cured, the construction will form a very durable composite material. The strength of such a frame is not negligible, and can easily compete with the factory made kayaks. In fact they may even be stronger than fiberglass build boats, as the wood core is more flexible by comparison to the fibers used in commercially built kayaks. The general belief of the public is that such boats are some form of a dinosaur from a different era. Heavy, slow, and clumsy. Wrong. The construction is one of the most beautiful and simple on earth. They are strong, fast (if the shape of the boat promotes speed), very light, and bear a natural beauty that a plastic kayak will never achieve.
The Shrike is a boat designed for the sea. It is fast and offers enough storage space for a few days trip. Don’t ask me about stability. It is stable enough for sure for anyone who would like to learn kayaking beyond the beach toy stage. Balance is a skill that can be learned. This is something personal anyway, so in terms of stability, maneuverability, color and accessories, each one of us have our own preferences. The boat simply needs to be tried.
This Shrike in particular was built in a garage in Sliema. Its first sea trial was on a day of February on a relative rough sea. Based on the trials some small modifications were made in the deck rigging, and cockpit layout. Then the boat simply became my favorite kayak of all the kayaks I ever paddled in. And there were not few. We made a good team on the sea, and had loads of fun. We faced rough seas and high winds, as well as crystal waters on top of which you don’t float anymore but fly. She attracted looks, friends, and went around the islands quite a few times. She’s a floating story, rendering 5000 years of boat building tradition.
Some folks out there will buy a simple object and will be satisfied in the ever increasing world of impersonal, lifeless machined items. Some people will want to have not only an object, but a story, a story made by the hands of a fellow man.

Tech specs:
Lenght: 05 m;
Beam: 50 cm;
Weight: 16 kg;

It comes with 3 Greenland style wooden paddles, a PFD (life vest) and the spray-skirt.
The boat it located in Mskala in a friend's garage. For seeing and trying the boat (more details and pics), please contact me, so I can put you in touch with him.

600 E, non-negotiable. It is a good price already for such a boat and all the accessories it comes with.

Contact: Please contact me on maltapark or email - [email protected] as I am currently abroad and a phone call may be costly. I am also available on whatsup for any questions. Please contact me only if truly interested, no time wasters please.

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