- Miniland Baby Chef 5-in-1 (blendere/steamer/etc)
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Miniland Baby Chef 5-in-1 (blendere/steamer/etc)
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  • Baby
  • addie110414
  • Used, Excellent
  • 6/10/2017
  • 18/1/2018
  • 63
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In superb condition, like new ! Used very little !

5 functions in just one kitchen robot
• Steam cooks and heats up food at 2 power levels depending on the type of food, maintaining its nutrients
• Grinds at 2 different speeds depending on the texture of the food desired, ideal for the different baby growing stages!
• Thaws evenly
• Heats up baby bottles and jars of any size evenly and speedily
• Rapidly sterilizes baby's bottles and accessories

Its backlit display shows all the process information (function, cooking level, grinding speed and time remaining) by means of the same user-friendly icons it has on its front, making it very easy to use.
Great cooking and grinding capacity
The graduated jug, made from top quality, highly resistant materials has a capacity of one liter. Thanks to its three cooking baskets, it can increase this capacity by 250 ml or cook several foods separately.
All its accessories are included
Three cooking baskets of different sizes and stackable, two magic separators, three different lids, a tong especially designed for baby bottles and jars as well as for any food, an additional silicone ring and a resistant carrying bag.
Easy to store and transport anywhere
Takes up the minimum space and its bag allows it to be taken anywhere. Includes a cable retractor and an extractable lower drawer.
Detachable and easy to clean
The complements can be washed in soapy water or in the dishwasher. The base can be cleaned with a damp cloth.
Total safety and turns off automatically
It turns off automatically. It emits visual and sound warnings when it finishes any process. It is made from BPA-free materials
Modern design for all kitchens!
Its new silver color will make it the favorite electrical household appliance in the parents' kitchen.

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