- Magic Hemp Cookie with fresh honey and hemp oil+se
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Magic Hemp Cookie with fresh honey and hemp oil+se
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  • Health & Beauty
  • lucusch
  • New
  • 24/9/2017
  • 22/10/2017
  • 41
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Magic Hemp Cookie with fresh honey

What is so magical about it? Its secret lies in its contents which are natural hemp oil!

✓ Cold-pressed hemp oil made from the high quality hemp. Rich in vitamins and trace elements. ✓ Natural hemp oil is better than other oils because it contains omega-3-6-9 fatty acids which are essential for our health.
✓ Magical Hemp Cookie is topped with crispy crumbs of gently roasted hemp seeds which enrich the cookie with a dose of protein and magnesium.

India hemp is sugar-free, sweetened with fresh and healthy wildflower honey which is easily digestible and immune-boosting, and eliminates mineral deficiencies in the human body.

Small: € 0.60c
Large: € 1.80c

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