- SCOOTER ELECTRIC 1000 WATT 40 V E-Scooter eFlux
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SCOOTER ELECTRIC 1000 WATT 40 V E-Scooter eFlux
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  • 2/4/2017
  • 1/3/2018
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It is large, bulky and massive - the powerful E-Scooter eFlux Freeride, which is equipped with a strong 48-volt battery and achieves a power of 1000 watts.
Rechargeable ECO mode

To activate the ECO mode, a red button is activated, which is located on the revolving gas handle of the scooter. Thus, the motor power is throttled and a large part of the energy is saved.
Maximum speed and distance

The maximum speed remains with the electric scooter eFlux Freeride also in ECO mode. With the use of the ECO mode, the e-scooter achieves a longer maximum distance than in full power mode.
Safe operation of the electric roller

The brake system is adjusted to any situation with this electric roller so that safe braking is possible at any time. There is a practical stand on the side for the purpose of parking - with the additional bell, it is also possible to inform a forward man about the maneuver. When it comes to safety, the e-scooter scores with a first-class handling and a very low center of gravity - to tip over when driving is almost impossible.
Full suspension increases driving pleasure

The electric scooter is equipped with very economical LED lamps to ensure that the driver's passport does not break even in the dark. At the same time, the taillight functions as a practical brake light. The electric scooter eFlux is also equipped with a full suspension, which is installed in the form of a front shock absorber and two individual shock absorbers on the rear axle.
Compact, fun, good - the e-Scooter eFlux Freeride

If you buy an electroroller that brings these features, you can only fit it properly. In conclusion, it should be said that both the safety, the driving pleasure, but also the gigantic appearance of this e-scooter are clearly in the foreground. Even after the spraying tour, the scooter can be stowed comfortably in the trunk thanks to its compact dimensions.

This scooter has no road registration

Product features:

Battery can be easily removed by plugging and can be externally charged with accessory cable (available from us).
Silent as well as exhaust-free
Rechargeable ECO mode
Single lever quick release device
Seat easy to dismantle
Easy to use
Shock absorbers front and rear for perfect driving comfort
Powerful 1000 watt, 48 volt electric motor
4 x 12 Volt high performance battery for long driving pleasure
Power charger included
Stepless rotary gas handle with charging control lights
Strong WAVE disc brakes front and rear
Side stands
Height-adjustable, sprung saddle
Ignition lock against unauthorized use
With LED lighting system as standard
Free-wheel hub as standard, thus saving energy, andhigh range

Product dimensions (L X W X H): 120.0 X 65.0 X 105.0 cm
External battery charge Possible: yes
Freilauf: yes
Carton dimensions (L X W X H): 116.0 X 31.0 X 50.0 cm
Carton weight (s): 48.0 kg
Max. Load capacity: 115 Kg
Product weight (s): 46.0 kg
Road admission: no
Tires: Front: 4.10 / 3.50-4, Rear: 4.10 / 3.50-4
Brakes: front and rear Wave disc brakes
Drive: Electric motor chain
Transmission: automatic
Battery: 48 Volt 12 AH
Range: approx. 15 - 20 km depending on load, load and route
Speed: up to 35 km / h
Motor: 1000 watts 48 volts
Seating: 1 person

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