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  • Computers & Office
  • danis1
  • 20/3/2017
  • 4/10/2017
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Size: 17,3" | 43,94 cm, WideScreen (15.5"x8.98")
Resolution: WXGA++, HD+ (1600x900)
Surface Type: Glossy TrueLife Finish
Backlight type: LED
Video signal connector: 40 pin (Top Right)
Model: LTN173KT02-H01

Compatible Dell Laptops:

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Dell Inspiron 17 3721, 17 5721,
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Compatible display models:

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--Samsung: LTN173KT01-A01, LTN173KT01-B04, LTN173KT01-B07, LTN173KT01-B09, LTN173KT01-C01, LTN173KT01-C09, LTN173KT01-D01, LTN173KT01-H01, LTN173KT01-J01, LTN173KT01-K01, LTN173KT01-P01, LTN173KT01-P06, LTN173KT01-T01, LTN173KT01-V01, LTN173KT01-W01, LTN173KT01-W04, LTN173KT02-301, LTN173KT02-801, LTN173KT02-B01, LTN173KT02-H01, LTN173KT02-L01, LTN173KT02-P01, LTN173KT02-T01, LTN173KT02-W01

--AU Optronics: B173RW01 V.0, B173RW01 V.1, B173RW01 V.2, B173RW01 V.3, B173RW01 V.4, B173RW01 V.5, B173RTN01.1, B173RTN01.2

--ChiMei: N173FGE-L12, N173FGE-L13, N173FGE-L21, N173FGE-L23, N173FGE-LA3, N173FGE-L11, N173O6-L01, N173O6-L02

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