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  • 4/11/2015
  • 4/1/2018
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Be cautious when dealing with foreign sellers. NEVER EVER pay by wire transfer (Western Union etc.) and report any users who request such payments.
This notice appears on all listings and does not imply anything about this particular listing.



I am in need of a loan to purchase a property, being able to pay it on a monthly basis with a deposit.


Any type of property/garage/store, located anywhere across the island that's for sale, but can be bought by rent-to-buy.
I'd like to purchase a property that I could give an amount of deposit, and then be able to pay it off by monthly payments.
This is due to already having a bank-loan with the bank for a current property, and them not being able to issue me another home-loan, though I am able to purchase another one by monthly payments with deposit.

If anyone knows of anyone selling a place in this way, or is willing to help by issuing us a loan, kindly contact me!

Everything will be paper-done with the notary under our costs for prove of agreement!

Thanks in advance!

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