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Pink Fit Line !
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  • 22/1/2012
  • 20/4/2018
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Tired of diets that promise fast weight loss, but the results never last?

Are you thinking about giving in accepting that your "figure is the way it is"?


We're here to tell you that YOU decide what kind of body you want to spend your life in! The possibilities are there – and we don't mean going under the knife!

Permanently get rid of up to 15 lbs. in just 21 days!. There's no starvation. You can even do it without workouts. Does it sound good?

This is no joke – what we're promising is attainable.

We offer you a 21st century scientifically developed diet which has helped countless top level athletes to achieve and maintain their ideal body weights and muscular power.

So you're not an athlete? Well your body functions just like a professional athlete's! It really does work the same way, and with the right help you can reshape it to be exactly the way you want.

Discover the amazing Pink Fit Easy package from BioTech USA. It includes four professional products to tune your body – leaner, more muscular and healthier – without hunger.

Your weight loss is 100% guaranteed. The only condition is that you follow the Pink Fit Easy Ten Commandments. This won't be difficult: this method slims, fills and energizes your body in the same time - and it has nothing to do with any of the well-known torture diets.

Do you need to train?

It's optional. With Pink Easy Fit you can reach your desired weight even without training, but it's really best for your body – and your life in general – if you use your muscles.

Your diet will be more effective and your body will be leaner through exercising regularly. Workouts go especially well if you take 2 chewable Jump! L-Carnitine tablets prior to training. This provides extra energy and helps you to burn fat more efficiently!

Eat consciously the Pink Fit Easy way and the benefits will come.

More important: the benefits will last.

What's wrong with not paying attention to what you eat?

If you eat less, you will indeed lose fat. Nonetheless at the end of your diet you will gain back all of the fat you lost if not more.
Due to continuous hunger, your base calorie demand will decrease and you will be much more inclined to put on weight.
During dieting the scale might show a lower weight, but if you didn't consume enough nutrients your body breaks down muscle tissue to make energy.
Overall tone will decrease, your arms will be thinner and your bottom will be softer.
Ultra Loss Shake


Ultra Loss Shake was created to make your diet experience a pleasant one. There is nothing better than to fall into the sweet temptation of a dessert, but this dessert is actually an effective, scientifically developed weight loss product. It’s a win-win: Ultra Loss Shake tastes great and it helps you to lose weight for the long-term.

Skip a meal – and reward yourself with a desert!

It’s delicious and it fills you up – you’ll always look forward to having it for dinner.
Whether you’re starting an intensive diet or you just want to get rid of a couple of inches in those problem areas, Ultra Loss Shake is your helpful companion as you move closer to your goals. Depending on how serious you’re dieting, you can replace one or two meals per day with the delicious Ultra Loss Shake.
You will not feel like you’re starving as it gives a feeling of fullness due to its high fibre content – this also encourages healthy digestion and tunes up your metabolism.

Low in calories and high in protein.

Contains a balanced carbohydrate and protein blend supplying you with just 99.3 calories per serving.
A protein-rich serving contains only 99.3 calories; protein is the cornerstone of effective body shaping. L-carnitine fights stubborn fat while giving you extra energy during your workout. Good-bye fat, hello beautiful and firm body!

A healthy diet instead of fasting.

It helps your body to remain active and healthy as it provides energising vitamins and minerals.
Lasting weight loss has nothing to do with starving yourself – this harmful behaviour is especially detrimental at the cellular level as vitamins and minerals are essential for health body function. Ultra Loss Shake contains revitalising vitamins and minerals in a special blend that specifically meets the needs of the female body. It helps you to sculpt your body without depriving you of important nutrients.

Naturally for women.

Natural weight loss using only all natural and carefully selected ingredients.
Do you like to keep it natural? Here’s some good news: although Ultra Loss Shake is a cutting edge product, its ingredients are 100% natural in origin. Our aim is to help you get into better shape in a healthy way; we never compromise on the ingredients.


Mix 2 tablespoons (30g) Ultra Loss Shake with 300ml of skim milk or water. Drink 1-2 servings per day. It’s recommended that you enjoy 1 serving after your workout and 1 serving as your dinner.

This nutrition supplement is not intended to replace a balanced and healthy diet.

Active Fat Burner

Active Fat Burner will be an essential partner in the conscientious reshaping of your body. It targets only the problem spots, helping you turn soft centimetres into hard millimetres while also giving you explosive energy. Sounds good, doesn't it? This is serious fat burning.

Muscle instead of fat.

Reshape even the most problematic areas of your body!
Based on the hard work of our food scientists, Active Fat Burner has been developed to alter your metabolism, making it faster and more effective. Instead of storing fat, you'll be developing toned muscles. Active Fat Burner provides the best possible support in reaching your body goals.

An energy bomb.

It burns your reserves and thus energises you, regardless how restrictive your diet is.
Who said you have to be tired out when you're on a diet? It's just not true. By encouraging the burning of your fat reserves, Active Fat Burner frees up a significant amount of energy – you'll feel the power! The best part is that you''ll have even more energy for working out.

What calories?

They won't have a chance to turn into fat.
The active substance in Active Fat Burner – including green tea, caffeine, L-carnitine, chromium, apple fibre – having an amazing and complex effect that acts in harmony with your body while increasing its calorie demands. This means that the calories taken in will be used more efficiently and your body won't need to store the excess as fat.

Hunger? Forget about it!

The appetite reducing ingredients help to calm your grumbling stomach.
Active Fat Burner will not only prevent you from putting on weight – it will also keep you from feeling hungry. Since it burns your reserves, you won't be lacking in energy. At the same time its metabolism optimising effects will improve your overall digestion.


Take 3 tablets a day, each time with at least 300 ml of water.


1 tablet before breakfast
1 tablet before lunch
1 tablet after dinner

The consumption of this dietary supplement is not intended to replace a balanced and varied diet together with a healthy lifestyle.

Eat Control

From now on Eat Control will be your closest ally in dieting effectively. It will help you say no to tempting foods and snacks and free you from the temptation of empty calories. That means you can fully concentrate on effective body shaping. With Eat Control, it will be easier to achieve the results you want…and to keep them.

Hungry? No need to fight it.

Forget about the most dreaded side effect of dieting: the stress of being hungry.
We’ve got news for you: losing weight in the 21st century is not about starving! Such “dieting” initiates exactly the wrong process, i.e. your body starts to panic and then store fat like crazy. This leads to the all too common yo-yo effect. Conscientious body shapers don't even think about hunger – an effective appetite reducer plays a key role.
Eat Control will not only free you from that hungry feeling hungry – it will also prevent the stress caused by hunger. That means that instead of panicking your body will adapt to losing weight, helping you to achieve your goals.

Control hunger easily.

Eat Control helps you control your blood sugar level while also enhancing your feeling of fullness.
The perception of hunger involves two receptors: one measures the pressure in your stomach and the other checks your blood sugar level. If either receptor is activated – or also of course both receptors – you are attacked with feelings of hunger. Eat Control blocks these receptors, thus encouraging your body to get energy from your accumulated fat reserves instead of triggering hunger.

Only healthy weight loss.

Eat Control actively helps your body experience weight loss as a healthy and normal process…without the shock.
Your diet should not cause alarm bells to ring in your body! Eat Control helps you re-programme your body by encouraging its natural functioning. The result is lasting and reliable weight loss.

No artificial compounds.

It speaks the language of your body thanks to the 100% natural ingredients.
It’s cheaper and easier to achieve an appetite reducing effect through the use of artificial compounds – Eat Control was created with your total health in mind. It contains only natural ingredients which are already familiar to your body. You don’t need to be worry about unwanted or dangerous side effects – you can just enjoy the benefits of a gentle yet effective healthy weight loss product.


Take 2 tablets with a glass of water 10 minutes before each meal, three times a day.

The consumption of this dietary supplement is not intended to replace a balanced and varied diet together with a healthy lifestyle.


It’s nothing new to say that a necessary component of body shaping is regular exercise so you can burn off any excess calories you’ve consumed. The question is what can motivate you to work out regularly? The most obvious answer is the positive physical changes that you can see and feel…after only one or two sessions. We have some good news for you: Jump! L-carnitine can enhance the positive effects of working out!

Increased fat burning during exercising.

Did you know you could double the amount of calories burned without changing your workout? It only takes you and Jump!

Jump! L-carnitine is one of the most effective fat burning products developed for women. Its active ingredients are also naturally present in your body, breaking down fat while supplying energy to your muscles.
During a workout your muscles need extra energy. L-carnitine transports fatty acids to your muscle cells which diligently burn fat in order to get energy.

Explosive energy.

The active ingredients in Jump! instantly turn your fat reserves into useful energy so exercising will tire you less.
Working out increases the body’s demand for L-carnitin, and often your body can’t satisfy this need by itself. When you’re active , it is especially crucial to supplement your L-carnitine with Jump! L-carnitine – it ensures 50% more efficient absorption.
The active substances in Jump! work to burn fat. The ingredients are continuously dissolved and absorbed, thus ensuring that your muscles are supplied with energy, You can also say good-bye to your excess fat! You’ll notice that the extra energy released is not only good for your muscles; it will also revitalise you and help you exercise more effortlessly!

Maximum efficiency.

This L-carnitine contains a special combination of substances that your body can utilise best.
What’s the difference between Jump! and other L-carnitine products? In contrast to simple L-carnitine products, our unique new mix of ingredients includes 8 different L-carnitine derivatives. The complex combination used in Jump! showed much greater efficiency during tests than any other L-carnitine products. You’ll see: your body will utilise it at a record speed while maximising fat burning.

So many benefits!

Besides the slimming effects, Jump! also helps to keep your heart and blood vessels in shape as well as reducing muscular strain.
In addition, this active combination of ingredients has further positive side effects: it facilitates proper heart activity, protects the cardiac muscles and has a positive effect on the liver and the kidneys. One more Jump! benefit: muscular strain can be significantly reduced through optimisation of the metabolism of the muscles. There’s really no reason not to start using Jump! L-carnitine now!


Take 2 tablets 30 minutes before working out.

The consumption of this dietary supplement is not intended to replace a balanced and varied diet together with a healthy lifestyle.

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