- Public Speaking Course
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Public Speaking Course

  • Y Ltd Training Room, 228, Sanctuary Street, Zabbar
  • Y Ltd
  • Zabbar
  • Adults, Adolescents
  • € 95.00
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Event Details

Whether it’s a boardroom presentation, business breakfast or a short speech you need to deliver to a group of people (irrelevant of size), sending a direct and clear message is always important.

However, this is not always what exactly happens, and many times speakers feel that the message they sent out could have been clearer.

This short course will introduce participants to practical methods which will help one better prepare when speaking in public. Participants will be treated to the latest techniques in public speaking and a more confident approach in delivering a message in an effective manner.

The various communication styles we all use during the day will also be explained, thus helping the speaking in better understanding the communication needs and wants of the audience.